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General Information

The Eaton Mews premises were completed in 1990 by Beazer Homes (Central) Ltd. A comprehensive article in Architecture Today, dated March 1990, details the rationale and construction process.

The 60 apartments and townhouses were sold leasehold, every lease being 125 years. There are six different types of accommodation and all are described in the Beazer Homes brochure that was used to market them.

The Eaton Mews premises are now owned and managed by Eaton Mews (Freehold) Limited. All of the shareholders of this company are also Eaton Mews Leaseholders/Residents. If you need to contact the company please e-mail:- admin@eatonmews.co.uk

There are several frequently asked questions about the services or systems in the building:

Many of the electricity meters are identified by plot numbers. How do I know which one belongs to my apartment?

  • There are 65 mains water stop-cocks on the pavements outside the block. How do I know which one belongs to my apartment?
  • The hot water system is different to most houses and I understand it needs regular servicing. How do I find information about it or find a plumber who understands it?
  • Every apartment has its own driveway and garage. Who’s is Who’s?
  • Where can I find a tradesman who has carried out satisfactory work within the building?